Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

May 28, 2021


Dear colleagues!

Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Y.Altynsarin National Academy of Education on May 28, 2021 invite you to take part in the annual research-to-practice conference  «CONTINUOUS EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: NEW CHALLENGES. 1st Stage».

The main goals and objectives of the conference:

- creation of a discussion platform for the most important issues of theoretical and practical nature of the lifelong education system related to identifying trends, methodological foundations for the development of the phenomenon of lifelong education and its humanistic essence; identification of the features of its design and implementation;

- discussion of the state of modern Kazakhstani and international education, the prospects for their development and interaction;

- analysis of the development models of lifelong education in the system of interaction of all levels of education; additional, non-formal and professional education;

- the impact of the digital educational environment on the quality of education, improving the quality and expanding the possibilities of lifelong education using the digital space;

- identification of experience in the implementation of innovative practices at educational sites that contribute to the development of human capital.

The conference provides sample opportunities for the organization of joint international interdisciplinary research, exchange of experience in the field of continuing education, consolidation of the international academic community and increasing the popularity of Kazakh scientists abroad.

We inviteKazakhstan and foreign scientists, specialists in the field of pedagogy and philosophy, psychology of education, dealing with the problems of lifelong education; heads of educational organizations, teachers to participate in the conference.

Conference organizer — Y.Altynsarin National Academy of Education

Participation in the conference is free, registration is required.

Activities of the Conference

  • Plenary session
  • Panel discussion


Main directions of the Conference:

- Philosophy of lifelong learning in the face of global challenges (Transversal competencies and the new literacy of the 21st century. Generational theory. Digital generation. Actualization of continuing teacher education. Education and science in response to the challenges of the 21st century.Silver Universities – new opportunities).

- Effective approaches and innovative learning technologies in the lifelong learning.

- Creating a safe educational environment. Inclusion and equality in education. Cybersecurity of continuing education

- Ensuring quality assurance: criteria assessment, accreditation, state evaluation, national certification, rankings.


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